Bathroom Renovation – September 2023

When it comes to bathroom renovations that combine style, functionality, and impeccable craftsmanship, look no further than the dream team of Jarred and Kiana from Jim’s Bathrooms & Resurfacing Pacific Pines. In this blog article, we’ll take you on a journey through their recent project, showcasing their extraordinary skills in bringing a complete bathroom renovation to life for a delighted client in Upper Coomera. Prepare to be inspired by the incredible transformation!

The Upper Coomera Bathroom Renovation Challenge

Our client in Upper Coomera had a clear vision of a bathroom that was not only modern but also a reflection of their personal style. Their existing bathroom was outdated, lacked space, and was far from the elegant retreat they desired. That’s where the dynamic duo of Jarred and Kiana stepped in, armed with their passion for design and years of experience in the field.

Jarred and Kiana’s Expertise Unleashed

The project began with a comprehensive assessment of the existing space and an in-depth consultation with the client. Jarred and Kiana’s expertise allowed them to identify key areas for improvement, including optimising the layout for maximum space utilisation, selecting premium materials, and incorporating innovative design elements.

A Masterful Bathroom Transformation

1. Space Maximisation:

One of the team’s primary goals was to create a bathroom that felt more spacious and functional. Jarred and Kiana achieved this by reimagining the layout, removing unnecessary items, and intelligently placing fixtures to open up the space.

2. Premium Materials:

To ensure durability and a touch of luxury, the team selected top-quality materials for this renovation. From exquisite tiles to elegant vanities, every element was carefully chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic.

3. Innovative Design:

What truly sets this renovation apart is the innovative design elements incorporated by Jarred and Kiana. They introduced creative storage solutions, modern lighting fixtures, and unique accent pieces that added a distinct personality to the space.

4. Impeccable Finishes:

Attention to detail was paramount for Jarred and Kiana. They meticulously handled grouting, ensured flawless paintwork, and expertly installed mirrors and accessories, resulting in a seamless finish that exuded sophistication.

The Breathtaking Result

The transformation of the Upper Coomera bathroom was nothing short of breathtaking. The once outdated and cramped space now stands as a modern, spacious oasis that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The new design not only met their functional needs but also significantly added value to their home.


Jarred and Kiana from Jim’s Bathrooms & Resurfacing Pacific Pines have yet again showcased their expertise in creating dream bathrooms. The Upper Coomera project is a testament to their ability to turn visions into reality, crafting bathrooms that are both functional and visually stunning.

If you’re in Upper Coomera or the surrounding areas and are dreaming of your bathroom transformation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jarred and Kiana and the team at Jim’s Bathrooms & Resurfacing Pacific Pines. With their skills and unwavering commitment to excellence, they can turn your bathroom dreams into a reality that adds significant value to your home.

Are you ready to embark on your bathroom renovation journey? Contact Jarred and Kiana today and witness your Upper Coomera bathroom transform into a luxurious retreat you’ll cherish for years to come!

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